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We are Jim and Janna White.  We would like to welcome you to the Blue Ridge Mountain Properties website, and are excited to share with you our intimate portfolio of rental properties.

Above all else, we want to provide our guests with a 5-star encounter, where new experiences and even new friendships are created after every visit.

Please know that you can trust that we are going to take good care of you, provide you with a clean and convenient stay, and provide whatever assistance you may need in order to have the best experience ever.

Thank you again for visiting our site, and we leave you with the motto that we have espoused for many years...

"Come Tired. Leave Inspired."

Their Story

Jim and Janna were introduced to the Hospitality industry in 2016 when they purchased a boutique Motel and Cottage business in the White Mountains of Northern New Hampshire.  This was a major renovation and business-building experience.  They loved and cherished every moment of the experience, as they brought life back to a business that was nearing 90 years of age, and had been significantly neglected for many years.

Not only did they restore the business to its former glory, they met hundreds and hundreds of people through the years and developed some life-long relationships as a result.

When they decided it was time to return to the South, to their roots, they decided to remain in the Hospitality business, just on a smaller scale.  Jim and Janna can't wait to welcome you and show every guest just what Southern Hospitality is all about!

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